Thursday, November 20, 2008

My little Audrey Dog

I was going through all my pictures today and I found one that I had forgotten about. It's my fave pix of Audrey. It was taken back at our apartment in Fresno, before Bogey was ever around. She was in the perfect spot at the perfect time, and I had an excellent camera.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quilting Bee

For the last few months I've been sewing like crazy. It's worked out well, since my sewing kick corresponded with my mom's urge to get rid of fabric she bought but hadn't used (seriously, don't let my mom or me in a fabric store. We always end up buying fabric for stuff we never end up making). Back in September when I went to visit, we went through everything and found quite a few nice fabrics, as well as panels for baby quilts, so I took them home and went to work. In two weeks time I had made 5 baby quilts, all fairly simple. One of the quilts I had started a few years ago and decided it was time to finish.

So here's a few of the quilts I finished a few weeks ago:

This one was my fave, the one I had started a few years ago and finally finished. It has a cute baby-blue flannel backing with fire-trucks, ambulances, & police cars:

One of my best friends, Lynae, is expecting a baby boy, Caleb, in March. The walls of the nursery are a bright yellow, and she wanted that incorporated in the quilt as well as a race car theme. I found a great flannel with race cars to use as the backing, and the other fabric's matched perfectly. Here's the quilt I just finished today!

And now that I'm feeling nostalgic, I think I'll post a pix of the quilt I did for Andrea, Lynae's daughter:

Well that was fun! I have a few "expectant mothers" in mind for the quilts I made, and I'm planning on donating the rest to a local foster care agency. It gives me joy to know that babies will be cuddled up in these quilts soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My new job

Woo hoo! Yesterday was my last day at BoA. Today I started my new job as a .... drumroll please... a housewife!!! Ok, well at least for the next few months. I get to go home (to Fresno) this week, and the week of Thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm signed up to volunteer time with childrens minstry at our church. I can't wait to finally catch up with my friends that I haven't seen or talked to in forever. And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get through the huge pile of clean clothes that never seems to get hung up. Do you know what I'm talking about? The pile that goes from the dryer to the basket, than pulled out of the basket the day you need to wear it and has to be ironed 3 times to get all the wrinkles out?!? I know I'm not the only one :)

No sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap's for me!