Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Ben

Kristi & Doug received the referral for this 2 yr old boy last nite. They had to make a tenative decision by 2 pm today. They have submitted their letter of intent to adopt him. They now have 1 - 2 weeks to have his medical files reviewed and make their final decision. He was born with heart problems and had surgery in Jan 08. They have had their doctor review the files and so far is looks like everything is a go. They are waiting for one more review before they make their finial decision.

As of now they are calling him Benjamin.

He is just the most precious little guy and we are all already in love with him.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

February - The Good and the Bad

This months has flown by extremely fast! Several things have happened that I wanted to post about tonight.

First the bad- last Friday, Audrey and Bogart got into one of their fights in the middle of the living room. It was looking pretty bad, with Audrey pinning Bogey, so I jumped in and pulled Audrey off Bogey. As I was walking away with Audrey in my arms, Bogey then came after me and bit my leg. 3 times. I screamed for Alex who was in bed, and he ran in and pulled Bogey away from me. It turned out one of the bites was pretty bad. The result was a 3 inch gash under my knee. Obviously we had to make a very painful decision. On Saturday morning we called a Cocker Rescue and SPCA who both informed us that they couldn't do anything to rehabilitate him because of his age. Apparently because he was so young (not quite two) and already displaying biting and aggression, he would be too much a liability. So Alex took him into the SPCA to have him put down. This was a horribly painful decision, but we felt that we had made the best, most responsible choice. If he would attack me, his mom, he could lash out at anyone. So I have been grieving this week for the loss of my sweet pup, one of my kids, who I never thought would turn on me.

The good news (yes, now that your feeling depressed with me I'm going to cheer you up a little:) - Kris and Doug, (my sister and bro-in-law) just got a call today from Holt with a referral of a little boy in China. He does have a few medical issues that they are talking to a doctor about, but we should know their decision for sure in a week or so, after the doctors review the files. Please be praying for them, that they would know if this is the right child for them. I'll fill in the details about the child when we know more.