Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Yesterday was our Foster/Adoption orientation with Contra Costa County. We received so much great information! Its funny how different this orientation was from the Fresno County orientation I went to three years ago. This one was much smaller and was put on by volunteers. One of the ladies was a former foster mom for infants and she had so many wonderful things to tell us. I was just eating up all the information.

It also happens that there may be a 60% cut in the funding of their program starting June 30, so we were encouraged to sign up for the next class available - and we did! Our classes start this Saturday! I was happy to hear they did Saturday classes because we can get our hours done so much faster - only 4 weeks instead of 8. We will be done with our training by the end of June! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

It seems like everything is falling into place. They told us it would take between 4-6 months before we are licensed, and I'm praying we are closer to 4 months.

And the Lord keeps providing! My sister found out that her crib doesn't convert to a toddler bed, so she bought a toddler bed and is giving me her nice crib. And a family member is giving us a twin daybed that she doesn't need anymore so the nursery will be set up before we know it. Its so nice to finally see things coming together so easily!