Monday, April 28, 2008

It's starting to feel real now...

(by Janna)

So, I've tried to start this blog several times the last week, but I seem to only get through one line before I have to do something else. So here's a quick update on what is going on with us right now:

I got a job!!! I got a call last Monday morning(4/21) from Bank of America telling me that I had a phone interview that afternoon. I did so well on that interview that they scheduled me a interview with the branch manager of the BOA in downtown Napa for Wednesday (4/23). To make a long story short, the interview went really well and they called me on Friday to offer me a full-time benefited position making $2.50 an hour more than what I expected to be making! Praise the Lord! So I start my two week training in San Francisco on May 19th, than will be working in Napa (only 7 miles from our apartment) after that. I'm so glad to know that I have a full time job waiting for me as well as two weeks off before I start so that I can get us settled into our new place.

While mom and I were in American Canyon, we stopped by the apartment complex we will be living in. I had only seen pictures online, since Alex was the one who went up last month to look for a place. Our apartment is really nice! I will have to adjust to living in an apartment again, but it is definitely the nicest apartment of any we've lived in. Its walking distance from a Walmart Super Center that is actually really nice. And its has lots of green areas to walk the dogs, so they should enjoy it as well.

Slowly but surely the boxes are getting packed and this move is starting to feel real. All the details have been figured out, and all that I've been stressing over the last few months now seems like such a waste of time. Matt & Beth will be renting our house which is such a relief knowing that things will be taken care of. And Alex and I are trying our best, between packing and running errands, to spend time with our friends and family this week. We are also planning a trip to San Francisco on Wednesday so that I can get my fingerprinting and paperwork done for my new job.

That's the update on us. We move on May 5th, one week from today!