Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, we've pretty much settled into a routine. I go to work Monday through Saturday, with usually a day off during the week as well as Sunday's. Alex has his classes Monday through Thursday from 6-9 which is usually when I am home. We have church on Sunday morning and than we spend the afternoon together before starting a new week. Not the most exciting but I feel good that we have a routine down. And, all of that will change in August when his DO classes start.

I miss having friends around. In Fresno I could call Cass up to run to Target or go get ice cream with me, or see if Beth wanted to come over and make cookies, or meet Lynae for lunch if I had some time off. Its hard meeting new people. We're both trying to get plugged into our new church, EastBay Fellowship (different than the one I had previously listed. One of Alex's classmates goes there and we decided to go and LOVE it. Its a perfect fit for us - even with a 45 min drive). Alex is involved in a Men's group, but the new women's groups don't start until fall, so I'm waiting 'til then. Everyone at work is really nice but - well, its just hard to make friends like the one's I have at home. I'm learning to be more open about myself, which is hard for me, but I think its easier to make friends when I make myself a little vulnerable as well.

Work has gotten easier and they finally filled the last open position so by the end of July we'll be fully staffed again and I'll get to every other Saturday off. Woo Hoo! Alex's classes are going good but he there is a heavy political influence in what he is learning, most of which he doesn't agree with, so that's been a hard hurdle to get over. But the summer session is half way over and time is flying fast!

We are both relying on God more than we have in a long time. Maybe it has to do with being away from everyone else but I feel like I have a better walk with the Lord since we've moved here. I'm also praying about finishing my degree, and getting my BA in Ministry and Leadership. Life Pacific Bible Collage offers a Degree completion program that I am considering enrolling in. It's kinda ironic to me that I feel lead in that direction, because I had wanted to go there right after high school, but they were not fully accredited at the time, and I was giving advice to wait. Now they are fully accredited, and I am hundreds of miles away, but I could still get the degree by completing classes online. I love modern technology!

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. My laundry needs folding and Audrey needs a bath, so I'd better get started on my chores!