Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fast forward two years...

Since my last post we have...

Gone though domestic adoption and adopted a beautiful baby boy in July 2011. We have an amazing open adoption with his birthfamily and as I start to blog more I will talk about the awesomeness of our adoption. Samuel is 19 months now and the center of our whole world.

I am 5 classes away from my BA but have no desire to go back. I know I will finish (at some point) but right now I am loving being a stay at home mom!

Alex graduated from medical school!!! He's officially a doctor in his first year of residency in pediatrics. He is anticipating doing a 3 year fellowship in hematology/oncology after his 3 years of residency.

We moved to Loma Linda for residency. Alex did not match to his first choice of Fresno for pediatrics but apparently God had a better plan for us. Loma Linda is an INCREDIBLE program, much better than what Alex experienced in Fresno. We are involved at an amazing church and I have been so blessed to have a wonderful group of medical spouses who are learning, just as I am, the ins and outs of being married to a doctor.

Our cocker spaniel Audrey pAssed away this summer. We lived dog free for 4 months before we adopted our new little pup- a tiny brown and white Shih Tzu we've named Frodo. He is adorable- but I'm remembering that puppies are a lot of work!

We had to short sell our house. Our first home, that we invested so much sweat, money and heart into. But we had to go where Alex matched- and that is 290 miles away. We learned that home is wherever we are together- not the 4 walls that shelter us.

We are now a one car, one income family, learning to live on cash and live on less. It's been a rewarding change for us and challenging at times. But because of our living on less we are saving and are getting ready for adoption #2!

I hope I can be better about keeping the blog up to date more now as I have so many blog entries running though my mind every day!


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:)))))) So excited to hear more! -Beth

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love it!!!